Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Make Pens?

Why make pens?

They write very nice and to me they are a hand crafted luxury item. The slim line pen kits use a standard Cross refill. A pen maker learns about different types of exotic woods as he/she picks and chooses wood for his/her pens. The little pieces of wood do not cost too much and after you make a few you will have a nice collection. They also make very nice gifts for birthdays and special occasions. I like learning new skills such as this. It is good to have this ambition because when you learn new skills your intelligence increases dramatically through translation learning. It allows one to express themselves creatively, their own style, one of the spices of life. Making a hand crafted quality pen in these classic styles shows an appreciation for the literature and the written word that is deemphasized today. Who can resist making a pen out of Purple Heart wood for your dad when he earned a Purple Heart medal in World War II?
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy


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