Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bethlehem Olivewood Pen

Bethlehem Olivewood


The hand turned and made pen with 24kt Gold finished components is executive style, kit model # PKCEO . The wood of this pen is from the same trees that were around in the time of Jesus Christ. The certificate of authenticity tells me so.

The swerves and contrasting colors in the wood of this pen turned round from square stock, and finished to 1200 grit, are truly beautiful. But wait, as I look at this pen, more closely and sharpen my focus what do I see? I see the distinctive head of a bird. A painter could not have drawn a better rendition.

The body of the bird stands erect the length of the pen like that of a penguin, midway down it even has breasts. The bird has more pronounced hunch-like shoulders than a penguin. After the piercing eye is a sharp beak with a distinctive upper and lower part. At the lower part of the drapery of grain the feet have distinctive talons. With the scene made of wood I am almost led to use my imagination to call this a Woodpecker, however the ominous bird is pecking at an impermeable double layer of grain that reverberates a bend back at him but does not break or yield.

Turning the pen further clockwise I see what the bird is pecking at. The head of a baby bird with a distinctively pronounced baby bird beak not as sharp as the one on the left comes into focus. It too has a dot for an eye.

To the right of the baby bird’s beak I see a tiny seed. Wait a minute that second bird could be an octopus or dolphin if I hold this pen on its side. No I will settle for a seed because of the lack of graphic details to support the assertion of otherwise. The seed is much closer to the baby bird’s beak that the baby bird is to the ominous giant pecking bird, makes the meal of seed seem attainable to me.

As I turn further clockwise I see a giant sword the length of the wood of the pen revealed. The pen is mightier than the sword I think. Because of the religious link to the wood I am brought to the phrase, “Do not think I have come to send piece upon the earth; I have come to bring a sword, not piece.” Matthew 10:34

The wood is part of a small assortment of exotic wood pieces I bought from the yearly sale at Woodturningz.com and the bottom line is that I plan on making more these storied pens of Bethlehem Olivewood, because I have eight more pieces of wood to do so with and after which I might buy more. This essay is meant more to rekindle the imagination of adults and an interest in woodworking more than anything else. I know for a fact that I am the only one ever to see image formations in the clouds of the heavens or in the grain of wood and I consider this pen priceless.



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